Techno Animal + Jansky Noise + v/vm + Matt Wand

Thu 28th March 2002
Factory Club

Jansky Noise
Matt Wand

Friday 29th of march capsule and statik join forces once again to bring the medicine bar a truely leftfield, subversive audio visual event featuring the sonic thuggery of TECHNO ANIMAL, the comedic audio butchery of V/VM + dj sets from jansky noise and stockhausen and walkman. The night promises to push the audience as far as they can go (home!!!) and further then they would probably like. Truely ecclectic promoters capsule and statik always take risks when collaborating, messing with the audiences preconceptions of club spaces. This night promises to further the reputations of two of Brums finest nights.

“all you need to know about them is that they push musical boundaries to the extreme, then push beyond them”
kerrang aug 2001

TECHNO ANIMAL formed in 1990, this is their first ever show in Birmingham, surprising really as one half of TA is Justin Broadrick one of Birminghams premier noisemongers. With a cv that includes NAPALM DEATH and the infamous GODFLESH. Together with his partner Kevin Martin of GOD + ICE fame they released their latest album ‘ Brotherhood of the Bomb’ (matador) on september the 11th 2001. Universally acclaimed by metal, dance and high brow press alike its a terrifying fusion of hip hop, industrial, electronica, dub and all things heavy and groove based. This show promises something special, a home coming of sorts for Broadrick, having moved to Wales this will be his first show in brum for years and his bringing TA’s full stage set up including an uncomprimising light show.

VVM bring the worst invitation to the best party of a life time! VVM bring the VVM – designed to RIP through any back catalogue care of VVMCPS,,, laughing sneering & slobbering chunks of AUDIO Gristle (expected)!!! NME QUOTE “MANY nod there carcass wrenching mullets in GLEE to VVM” – Q MAGAZINE ” when VVM play bring a HAT your head may POP off” – Animal “an OFFAL display of bad pop records and fades re-mangled beyond the height of fashion”

Jansky Noise is the Maggot Farmer of Power Electronica and noise he has set up a tray with 30,000 maggots in it, each maggot as it wriggles sets of a sequence of predefined noise(s) never before has there been such an invested way to sequence! one hard to pallet slab of meat for the maSSES::::::

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