Supersonic Treats From The City of Birmingham

Sat 29th January 2005

Black Galaxy vs Kreepa
ZX Spectrum Orchestra

Visuals by Beat13/Catweasel

In recent years, Birmingham has developed a
potent electronica scene, breeding artists such as Plone,
Broadcast, Pram, Magnetophone, Scorn, Sand, Tele:Funken, The
Modified Toy Orchestra, Dreams Of Tall Buildings, PCM and Mike In
Mono. Innovative artists need innovative record labels. The current
Birmingham scene is bristling with vital new set-ups that are
dedicated to the music’s confrontational byways, without
relinquishing its funky pulse…

Black Galaxy features Nicholas Bullen whose abrasive work in
Napalm Death initiated a new musical genre known as ‘Grindcore’ and
later a member of the dark, isolationist and dub-influenced Scorn.
In collaboration with Simon Mabbutt they fuse cold and alien
galactic soundscapes with minimal warped bass and glacial rhythmic
underpinnings to create nocturnal sonorities.

kREEPA mix electronic and acoustic elements to create
improvisations that explore the dynamic interplay between
acousmatic synthesis and instrumental approaches. (Members of

ZX Spectrum Orchestra (feat. Brian Duffy + Mike in Mono) its
capability to create a more unconventional sound is limitless.
Everything you will see and hear is derived from a steep and
logistic learning curve. Peek, Poke and Merge.

Brian Duffy / Modified Toy Orchestra works with electronic sound
toys that have been rewired and reconfigured to create a series of
musical instruments each creating their own new electronic sounds
which oscillate between the familiar function of the toys and new
sounds far removed from the original function.

Mike In Mono (UK Halfeaten Records) aka Mike Johnston is better
known as member of Birmingham’s kitsch electronica trio Plone
(Warp). His ever growing fondness for ‘spoken word’ is now a
relished element in the mike-in-mono show.

Esquilax are a shiny party plastic new wave avante-garde pop
terror group -possessed by Devo, raised by Agoraphobic