Fri 13th July 2007
The Custard Factory

Supersonic festival is an eclectic and experimental playground, where new
and emergent talent exhibit their skills alongside established and
world-renowned practitioners.

”AS British music festivals go, Birmingham’s annual Supersonic event is the best kind of mixed musical bag, a dizzying assortment of avant rock textures and Heavy Metal thunder on a bill which swings from the sublime to the ridiculous without once seeming ostentatiously eclectic. Not only is the music consistently better than that of most UK weekenders, the atmosphere is equally enticing, making this the perfect festival for people who ‘wouldn’t normally do this kind of thing’…The organisers of Supersonic deserve credit for joining the dots between the cerebral pleasures of the avant garde and the primal pull of planet rock, striking a delicate balance between chin-stroking and headbanging few other British events bother to attempt. There’s a kind of straightforward karma at work here, the thought and care invested in making this event a worthwhile experience for all involved guarantees good word of mouth, and this in turn ensures its survival. One would like to think that Supersonic could provide a good example to the UK’s ailing – in terms of quality, rather than lucrativeness – festival circuit.”
    The Wire 2006


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