Sunn 0))) + Black Galaxy

Mon 29th November 2004
The Theatre - Custard Factory


SUNN 0))) is a side project of Khanate/Burning Witch (Steve O’ Malley) and Goatsnake (Greg Anderson) members. It was formed in memory of the cult drone-riff founders EARTH and honors the beautiful Ozma. The SUNN0))) mission is to create trance like soundscapes with the ultimate low end/bottom frequencies intended to massage the listeners intenstines into a act of defecation.



kREEPA mix electronic and acoustic elements to create improvisations that explore the dynamic interplay between acousmatic synthesis and instrumental approaches.

Black Galaxy features Nicholas Bullen whose abrasive work in Napalm Death initiated a new musical genre known as ‘Grindcore’ and later a member of the dark, isolationist and dub-influenced Scorn. In collaboration with Simon Mabbutt they fuse cold and alien galactic soundscapes with minimal warped bass and glacial rhythmic underpinnings to create nocturnal sonorities.

Together, the musicians will collaborate to create a soundfield which fuses analogue/acoustic and digital/electronic elements into a series of tonal clusters and soundscapes.