Sunday Film Club: The Witches

Sun 22nd September 2013
Library of Birmingham
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Sunday Film Club presented by KINO 10 sees a quirky mix of films for each month of the Discovery season. Tickets are £5, FREE for under 12s

Sunday 22nd September at 2pm

Children’s horror classic The Witches
Feature film screening of this classic with live theatrical interactivity from Little Earthquake.

Everything you have heard is true – there really are witches living amongst us and Helga von Plopp is the worst of them all! She wants to turn every child in the world into a mouse! The witches are about to have a big meeting to put their horrible scheme into action!

But Martin and some of his friends have formed a secret movement called S.T.E.W. – Stop The Evil Witches – and they need your help to spoil the witches’ convention and to foil their wicked plans!

You’ll need to blend in, so disguise yourselves with a funny wig or a funny hat – and wear gloves on your hands, just like the witches do! Meet Martin at the conference table to receive your special instructions! And no matter what happens – don’t eat the green soup!