spirit caravan + dukes of nothing + for my brain

Wed 13th June 2001
Factory Club

spirit caravan (ex obsessed + st vitus)
dukes of nothing (ex iron Monkey)
for my brain

Between them, the three members of spirit caravan ruled the us doom rock scene throughout the 80s and 90s, variously serving time in saint vitus, the obsessed, pentagram, iron man, wretched and unorthadox.
If you’re partial to a bit of sabbath this is the band for you!!!

“Formed by the godfather of heavy rock, scott ‘wino’ weinrich’ (ex st. vitus, ex obsessed), spirit caravan’s recent london show was seen by the stoner faithful as gig of the year. The loudest band on the planet, the caravan blend old school rock values with heavy, free jazz interludes, powered by wino’s legendary guitar tone”

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Already hotly-tipped the mighty Dukes Of Nothing – a band recently cited by the NME as ‘Ones To Watch’ in 2001 and featuring former members of Iron Monkey, Fabric & Acrimony, along with drummer Chris Turner from Orange Goblin, the Dukes have spent the past few months perfecting their ‘Motorhead meets Black Flag’ sonics, and laying plans for a series of seven-inch singles this year (starting with the release the CD ‘Ten Tonnes’ in May on Eccentric Man Records, closely followed by a split 7″ single with the Hookers in June 2001 on the Butchers Hook label).

People naturally expect a continuation of the seismic sludged out doom that the MONKEY were renowned for the world over. However, as they hit the stage for their debut show at London’s Garage in March 2000, it was apparent that these boys had been doing their homework, and what rushed forth from their battered amps was something far scarier: high octane no holds barred full contact rock ‘n’ roll abandon – guns blazing, headstocks pointing to the heavens and speed grimaces a mile wide.

It was the band’s conscious decision to pick up the tempo and look back at the music that inspired them in younger, less cynical days: BLACK FLAG, MOTORHEAD, AC/DC, DISCHARGE, SAINT VITUS, CELTIC FROST and other behemoths of their teens. This ain’t retro baby, just the carrying on of traditions that just aren’t that prevalent these days. Sure, they like a couple of those new fangled bands, but deep down, the shit that REALLY excites them comes from an era when real men wore Denim and Leather, body piercing was unheard of and MTV played nothing but wall to wall Dire Straits.

Fine tuning, finer songs and a smattering of shows later (guest appearances with the likes of HIGH ON FIRE, ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY, ORANGE GOBLIN, HELLACOPTERS & UK SUBS amongst others), the troops are ready to take on all comers. A handful of 7″s, a mini album on their label, ECCENTRIC MAN, and an upcoming tour with SPIRIT CARAVAN are the band’s first steps towards world domination.

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For my brain are a london four-piece making their debut with a unique brand of twisted rock n’ roll. influences include Pussy galore, Butthole Surfers, Black Sabbath and Trail of Dead.