Mon 6th October 2003
The Theatre - Custard Factory
  • Sightings
  • Death of a Champion
  • Altamont

Event Details:
Screaming out of New York City is the shit hot sounds that stretch the 3-piece rock format out like a molten piece of taffy. 11 songs, real short and frothing at the mouth. You can hear a three piece band in the classic guitar-bass-drums format make the kind of noise others would need electronics for. Fans of Mainliner, free rock like Wolf Eyes, quiet walks in the park, Harry Pussy, Yoko Ono and herbal tea will really dig this slippery slab. This is a complete baaad-ass hate fest with sub-dermal bass, paper thin razor guitar and Axis of Evil drumfuckery.

The band has toured with Load acts Lightning Bolt and Pink and Brown and played with Van Halen, Guns and Roses, and Creed. They are superstars of the noisy rock mafia, have quick tempers, and unflinching instincts. The songs are fast, the levels in-the-red, and lyrics unintelligible.

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