Shellac + Helen Money

Mon 25th November 2013
The Rainbow
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played its first shows in Chicago in 1993 and has done a lot of stuff since then, including playing on a party boat in Serbia and a record 74 times at various ATP events. Bob has one wife, a yellow bike and is acquiring more cats; Todd has one dog, no wife, a silver Telecaster and two blouses; Steve has three cats, a fiancee and a PT Cruiser, which is quite roomy and not dorky or a mom car fuck you guys. Shellac has released 4 LPs and a few 7-inch singles, which most people agree are very good. The most recent LP, Excellent Italian Greyhound, was released in June of 2007, and is the best looking record. The band members all work for a living, and playing in the band is their pastime. Because of this, they don’t tour often or for very long. Todd, Steve and Bob love playing music together. We assume that the band will continue to release albums and play live at the same sporadic pace indefinitely. You should be so lucky.”

Helen Money is Alison Chesley, a Los Angeles based cellist who has become known for her unique sound, bold compositions and compelling stage performance.