Sand +Plone + Solway Fifth

Tue 10th October 2000
Factory Club

Plone (dj set)
Solway Fifth

Sand have been writing the ‘soundtrack for the end of the world as we know it’ since their incarnation in midsummer 1995. Their music has consistently evolved through many transformations and mutations. Eight musicians ranging from extreme experimentalists to dedicated jazz players have passed through the Sand studio.

The band now have a line up of five musicians: Neil Griffiths (guitar), Hilary Jeffery (trombone), Rowan Oliver (drums), John Richards (bass) and Tim Wright (electronics).

In addition to their extensive studio work Sand regularly play live throughout Britain and continental Europe. These performances are intense, on-the-edge and heavy. Extended, contracted and remixed versions of Sand tracks are accompanied by the bold and idiosyncratic visuals of Ravi Deepres. They have played in many venues including a graveyard and an old slaughterhouse in London,squatted car parks and clubs in Paris and Milan, and the Volksoper in Vienna.

After a series of underground 12″ releases Sand’s first album “Beautiful People Are Evil” appeared in October 1999 on Satellite Records. It was received with excitement, intrigue and confusion by the British music press and public.

“shoves the rock back into post-rock so savagely it probably wont stop weeping all year.”

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Birmingham based trio Plone will be spinning the wheels of steel, bringing together their love of soundtracks and early electronic music, should be interesting to say the least.

“It’s got the soundtrack feel of a television advert, but thankfully it’s devoid of cliché and kitsch. “we like doing more sondtrack oriented music,” explains Johnston, just because you can work with lots of emotions… well, at least three.”
Matt Corwine

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