Supersonic 2024

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe is a multifaceted artist, curator, and composer renowned for his innovative work with voice and modular synthesizer in the realm of experimental music. With a focus on performance and installation/exhibition, Lowe’s combination of synthesis creates a heightened physicality, inducing trancelike states in his compositions. 


In addition to his solo endeavours, Lowe has increasingly focused on composition for film, collaborating with renowned filmmakers and artists such as Ben Russell, Ben Rivers, and Hildur Guđnadóttir. His compositional film scores evoke immersive and terrifying atmospheres, enhancing the visual narrative with his unique sonic landscapes. Lowe will bring his breathtaking score from the film “Grasshopper Republic” to Supersonic Festival 2024. Using his signature manipulation of analogue modular synthesizers, he will captivate audiences with a live performance that transcends traditional boundaries, creating an audiovisual experience that is both mesmerising and transformative.


“Bold and filled with Lowe’s unique personal touches, ‘Grasshopper Republic’ is one of those scores that comes around all too infrequently, meeting the intelligent, empathetic film on its own terms and never missing an opportunity to challenge and surprise us.” – Boomkat