Return of The Repressive (RoTr)

Thu 31st August 2006
Custard Factory

LAIBACH KUNST inhibition
“Instrumentality of the State Machine”
“Laibach Concerto for Magnetophone, Gramophone, Radiophone and Megaphone”  
8pm – 9pm Gallery Space

Followed by performances from:
Surgeon  (audio visual set)
Schloss Tegal  (Industrial pioneer live)
PCM (live)
Shit and Shine (live)
+ djs

Tickets : Swordfish /

An event presented by I.C.R.N. (Industrialised Culture Research Network) in collaboration with Capsule and cold Spring Records.
LAIBACH KUNST inhibition “Instrumentality of the State Machine”

This large-scale sound and visual installation recreates the industrial ambience of Trbovlje, the Slovene city which gave birth to Laibach 26 years ago.

Friday September 1st. At there will be a live premiere (sound installation) of the “Laibach Concerto for Magnetophone, Gramophone, Radiophone and Megaphone”.  
The inhibition will be open daily in the gallery from 11-6 until the 6th September.

9.30pm to 3am. The Laibach opening will be followed by an evening of DJ’s and live acts, including a specially commissioned audiovisual set by Birmingham techno pioneer Surgeon, a set from Industrial Pioneers Schloss Tegal, a live set from Shit and Shine and a dark D&B set from PCM. This will take place in the Medicine Bar at the Custard Factory.

Saturday 2nd 7.30pm Theatre: Custard Factory screenings of rare industrial video material plus a Mutefilm screening, including Laibach videos and the British premiere of Saso Podgorsek’s Laibach U.S. tour documentary Divided States of America.

Sunday 3rd 5pm Theatre: Custard Factory industrial will be explored in an ICRN seminar featuring guest speakers and a presentation of Interrogation Machine, Alexei Monroe’s book on Laibach and NSK.
shit &  shine