Red Sparowes + Mothertrucker + Head of Wantastiquet

Mon 11th October 2010
Hare and Hounds

Swordfish - Temple Street, Birmingham

Polar Bear - York Road, Kings Heath

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Red Sparowes

 Creating epic instrumental songs that are given room to breath they allow you to fully immerse yourself in their world. Red Sparowes are brutally heavy and have no need to rely on any hackneyed riff to pummel you into submission. Their cascading sound owes as much to Goblin as it does to Sabbath. Featuring Bryant Clifford-Meyer of the recently disbanded ISIS.



Mothertrucker have been combining the riff power of Sabbath and Kyuss, the quiet menace of Slint and Mogwai and the epic ambience of Isis and Pelican to create a powerful rock onslaught since 2003 and are still rolling. The band have released a number of records in that time, including the album Trebuchet released by Argghh records in France, and have shared the stage with the likes of Boris, Mono, 27, Jesu, Aereogramme and Truckfighters.

Head of Wantastiquet
The alter ego of American musician Paul Labrecque, now residing in Belgium.

He has recorded several solo albums and collaborations (with Chris Corsano and Valerie Webb) and he plays and records with the bohemian group Sunburned Hand of the Man. His new album under the Head of Wantastiquet moniker is set for release on Conspiracy Records in October 2010.

Historically, aesthetically, sonically, his new work bears genuine comparison to ‘American Primitivism’. It’s a mix of psychedelic banjo hymns, apocalyptic space folk and incredible drugged out soul whispers.