This is an archive item from Supersonic 2017

‘It’s a spare, near-monochromatic palette, well fit for its immediate purpose. The result is an album that takes its lead from bands like This Heat and Ike Yard but boils their urgency down to a throbbing core of contemporary dread, all the propulsive rhythms tied up in knots.’ – RESIDENT ADVISOR

According to Pitchfork, the music this London based duo creates is ‘the soundtrack to a lonely night out’. In the past 3 and half years since their debut with Quarter Turns Over A Living Line, Joe Andrews and Tom Halstead have become avid contributors to the growing popularity of bleak, minimalist electro. Amid the dark post-rock influenced textures, unsettling beats pulsate like a throbbing headache in your temple. Conjuring up imagery of a barren dystopia, piercing dissonances interject the anxious layers of electronica and moody guitar lines. Raime are self-confessed fans of jungle but drawing from an eclectic array of influences leave the interpretation of their own concoctions to the rumination of the listeners.