Planet Mu Night

Sat 25th September 2004
Factory Club

Venetian Snares

Event Details:
Venetian Snares is nothing if not prolific, with releases across a swathe of underground imprints like History of the Future, Zhark and Hymen before finding his spiritual home on Planet Mu. Aaron Funk’s twisted vision renders labels like breakcoreâ or drill and bass hopelessly inadequate: Hyper-tensile jungle breakbeats twist into an impenetrable Piranesi-esque mockery of drum n bass pseudo-sophistication. With more hyper-complexity and time-signature shifts than a King Crimson LP, V-Snares doomrush break-tronixx impossibly pushes up the funk intensity into the red. His latest album Huge Cylinder Box Unfoldingâ has just been released on Planet Mu, and is a fine example of his caustic nervous-tic death-funk!!

Jega’s melodically inclined post-rave hardcore first came to light across two ultra-limited EP’s on Manchester’s influential Skam label. Picked up early on by Planet Mu, Jega released his classic LP Geometry in ’98. Dylan Nathan’s sound has evolved and mutated, encompassing stark digital soundscapes, abrasive splatter-breaks, glacial techno and cold, fractured melodies.

Datach’I is one Joseph Fraioli, hailing from New York. He’s had a whole bunch of releases on the Caipirinha and Klangkrieg labels (the latter with Tigerbeat 6s Com.A). His digital sound-world explores realms from the outer limits of glitch abstraction to hyper-complex beat constructions, with fragmented barbs of melody on the fringes of perception.

Brighton’s Shitmat will mash up the dance in fine style with his unique brand of attention-deficit disorder rave-core. His releases so far on Planet Mu have included the full length rungleclaat amen-jungalist overload of KillaBabylonKutz, and the super-dumb gabber-tekno 7 Shopliftin Gabba, which has the dubious honour of being the only record ever to collide ragga-jungle, gabber, bagpipes and The Ramones. Gabba! Gabba! We Accept You!
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