Plaid & Southbank Gamelan Players

Fri 11th June 2010

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0121 446 3232

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Plaid & Southbank Gamelan Players

The Warp label’s foremost laptop wizards Plaid are no strangers to unusual collaborations, and this mesmerising show is their most ear-opening yet, blending their trademark sound with the hypnotic textures of a Javanese gamelan orchestra. Performing new work they have created together with Indonesian composer Rahayu Supanggah, the electronica duo weave a subtle soundscape around the Gamelan’s fluid rhythms, thickening the pounding of gongs with echo and delay, looping intricate xylophone patterns, and adding eerie dissonances to ancient harmonies. Gamelan has influenced so much western electronica, from Aphex Twin to Kode9, but both genres have never before shared the same stage, until now..

‘.. the effect is bewitching.. it’s illuminating to see artists from these two genres working together’ Drowned in Sound