Pierre Bastien

Sat 12th July 2008
This is an archive item from Supersonic 2008

Pierre Bastien

Installation as part of FLUX FEST at Vivid 24th June – 13th July

Performance Sunday 13th July

Theatre Space

At VIVID French composer and multi-instrumentalist Pierre Bastien presents a robotic ensemble comprised of household object. Instead of music instruments, the robots creates sounds out of an array of household objects including a teapot, comb, toothbrushes, a saw, an ashtray, scissors, a letter-scale and a hammer.

In collaboration with Vivid. Dedicated to the development of contemporary media art and interdisciplinary practice, VIVID supports and commissions research, new works, publications and provides a resource for artists and curators.

Opening 12-5.30 Wed to Sun Free Admission
140 Heath Mill Lane . Birmingham