Supersonic 2024

ØXN exist at the uncharted intersection of its constituent parts, melding Lankum’s experimental doom folk (Radie Peat), the motorik euphoria of Percolator (John ‘Spud’ Murphy and Eleanor Myler) and Katie Kim’s glorious Lynchian meta-verse. 


The first signing to Ireland’s iconic label Claddagh Records in 18 years, ØXN is rooted in story; The band digs deep into the earth and retrieves evocative tales of love, loss, longing, revenge and ritual. Add to that the other-worldly sonic textures that beckon you to peer behind the curtain, with your heart in your mouth. There is huge anticipation to witness the unique sonic universe of ØXN at this year’s festival. 


“Deep folk vernacular via buckled ballads and dark, oil slick-heavy psychedelia that summons Richard Dawson and Sunn O))) every bit as much as it does Giallo and Ghost Box.” – The Quietus