Wed 8th June 2005
Factory Club

OXES (monitor records)
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“This is amazing – make no mistake! Truly amazing. Not only is their name wrong, but their music is so wrong it HAS to be right… what can I say? This is perhaps the most post-modern rock’n’roll music that’s ever been made.”
– BBC Radio

“Eardrum-shattering, technically awesome math rock; listen and become the coolest outcast at your school.” –Alternative Press

Raised on the champion streets of Baltimore, the OXES have grown over the last several years to become one of the most innovative and exciting bands recording and touring today. Earning every penny, the OXES have been heralded by the likes of John Peel, Shellac, WIRE (the band), the British press, and fans abound. The best part is the OXES epidemic has only begun.

Combining the energy of three very talented musicians in a pyramid of extremism, moderation, and jokes, the OXES have created a tri-force of rock’n’roll fury.

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