Oxes + Solway Fifth + Calvados Beam Trio

Sat 8th June 2002
Jug Of Ale

Solway Fifth
calvados Beam Trio

whoopee!!! let the party begin oxes are back in brum, for those of you who haven’t seen these guys in action now is your chance and for those of you whom had the pleasure before, you know what a fine night lies ahead. support comes from our favourite west brom kids solway fifth + brums finest three some calvados beam trio

Oxes are a trio which have risen from the twisted wreckage that is the city of Baltimore. Armed with matching day -g lo yellow shirts and construction – sign orange flex- fit trousers, cordless electric guitars, a stack of drums and lip-curling stage antics, they commence at once with their metallic atonal scapery and vicious backbeats, stretching their harmonic-tinged pick stabs and angular riffs into far-flung directions, yet retain enough resiliency to quickly recoil, redirect and charge headlong into a brick wall or two.

They do not wear protective headgear.

On stage, Oxes are to rock venues what hyperactive children are to daycare centres. They are the fury dressed in shortpants. The drummer refuses to sit still, stopping midbeat to readjust his shorts, or pausing to gawk at the audience. The guitarists go from posing on black boxes positioned at the front of the stage to wandering backstage and amongst the unsettled crowd, where they flawlessly transmit the rock to their amplifiers by remote.
These live antics, whatever their humourous intentions, should not detract from the serious rocking qualities of thier music. An Oxes song, for all its atonal riffs, abrupt changes, and crashing drums and mathematical tendencies, is not a mish mash of guitar licks, trig equations and drum solos. Oxes combine these tasty, virtuoso elements with fliud transitions, odd stops and starts, false endings, phony introductions, manic aggression, and considerable aplomb. Add feature