Fri 18th July 2003
Jug Of Ale

+ FILM SCREENING OF ‘MUSIC FOR ADULTS’ a documentry about oxbows

the quiet kill off the country road, the time before the time when everything went wrong and the last 16 hours of that great love affair are the seminal beginnings of OXBOW. Designed to be the last aural will and testament of failed humanity, OXBOW actually garnered listeners from among the ranks of the fucked, with their 1990 release FUCKFEST (cfy/pathological). followed by KING OF THE JEWS (cfy), THE BALLS IN THEGREAT MEAT GRINDER COLLECTION (pathological), as well as LET ME BE A WOMAN (brinkman/crippled) and a dizzying travelogue into the land of the lost, SERENADE IN RED (crippled/SST), both recorded by the estimable STEVE ALBINI. And now three years into a new millennial kind of madness, OXBOW releases AN EVIL HEAT (neurot), recorded by GIBBS CHAPMANN (red house painters, faith no more) to an ever increasing critical acclaim.

“As loud as a slaughterhouse and almost as messy, and probably more cathartic than any release you’ll hear this year.” –Alternative Press Magazine

“(A) daredevil dive into the abyss of the abject.” The Wire

“When OXBOW explode it’s with a metaphysical heaviness, drawing in intangible elements, breathing with indescribable import, like a late-periodColtrane freakout” Careless Talk Costs Lives

“The greatest art rock band in the world.” VICE Magazine


“From the writhing social underbelly of darkest Birmingham, monstrous slabs of monolithic grinding doom sludge, drunken chaos, agonising slow mammoth sounds”
Metal Hammer