Mum + Dntel + Floach

Fri 24th May 2002

Mum (Iceland)
Dntel (Usa)

MUM now based between Reykjavik and Berlin produce melodic vocals, with their warm, bold integration of both analogue and digital technologies

Dntel Some things Jimmy Tamborello, aka Dntel worries about: car accidents, cancer, being kidnapped and tortured, the death of friends and family, never having another girlfriend, the house catching on fire, drowning, earthquakes, stray dogs, schizophrenia, etc. etc. Life Is Full Of Possibilities. Dntel comforts himself by combining melancholy melodies with an assortment of electronic production styles.

Floach – musical archaeologist. His own of special brand of vintage lo fi electronica, like Indiana Jones keeps a level head but occasionally has to cut its own wretched path.