Throughout their six-year career, this Japanese quartet has ascended consistently in both popularity and critical acclaim. But still elusive is the successful translation of their powerful and violently beautiful live performances to their recordings, until now. This band isn’t heavy like Black Sabbath. They’re heavy like Beethoven.

Someone whos wielded an influence on the estimable likes of Neurosis and Ministry and even Korn, living legend Justin Broadrick (Godflesh, Final, Techno Animal, et. al.) brings us his most intensely personal offering to date in Jesu. Combing a wounding groove with a soul-wounded clean-tenor, Broadricks latest muse burrows deep into the corpus and then starkly paints with repose and resignation. Enigmas never rest, and neither does Jesu.

Formed in October 2003 Mothertrucker is Charlie Butler (Guitar), Tom Moffat (Bass), James Davison (Drums), Chris Scrivens (Guitar) and Bruce Goodenough (Guitar) from Birmingham in the UK.

With influences coming from a wide range of bands like Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Mogwai, Tool, Slint, Red Sparowes, Pelican & Isis; Mothertrucker blend together the harshness of metal, the ambience, texture and lulling nature of post-rock, the groove and rolling rhythms of stoner rock and the gruesome dark feelings of doom with the aim of fusing all this into one as a truly cohesive sound.