Lightning Bolt + Envy + Esquilax

Mon 29th March 2004
The Theatre - Custard Factory


The future of music has arrrived! Lighting Bolt will be landing in Birmingham while in between shows at this years ATP festival. With just drums and bass, trainspotters will name check similarly staffed outfits like the Ruins and Godehead Silo.

Prepare yourself for much moreÉ The massive, chunky noise violence that emits from bassist Brian Gibson and drummer Brian Chippendale onstage makes for an intensely visceral experience. Chippendale’s vocals transmit via a contact mic rigged to his mouth inside a weathered, striped ski mask. Their amps alone are about the height and size of a large-scale yurt, and when they’re turned up all the way, the sound is both hypnotic and physically exhausting.

Noise and commotion, dance floor fury and intracite symphonies to washing machine squeaks. New music, guarenteed to include every citizen of Earth in a scrambling race to the finish line of complete sound! It is rare the sounds of the future are so appealing to all life forms. Their hyper-humanoid percussion matched with bowel loosening bass is sure to please.

Lightning Bolt has played with folks like Melt Banana, Ruins, Locust and Arab on Radar and share a similar sense of uber-absurd rockulism.

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For over 11 years, they have been creating the most intense fusion of emotive ballads with ferocious teeth gritting screaming hardcore. They have created their own sound with their speedy guitars, loud pounding bombastic drums, heavy screams in Japanese, and pummeling fretless bass lines. Think somewhere between Yaphet Kotto to Mogwai.

“Shiny party plastic new wave avante-garde pop terror group” – possessed by Devo, raised by Agoraphobic Nosebleed