Wed 2nd August 2006
Bulls Head

Djs from:
Birmingham Nihilism
+ Iapetus Recordings
+ Capsule Girls

 Hey kids!!!
This will be the second edition of Larry Langes, last month was an absolute blast.
Come and listen to some records, eat cake with the grannies and
have a bit of a gossip, this is not a disco, more of a get
Each month we’ll be inviting special guests to delve into their
record collections and share some aural delights, this months
special guest dj slot comes from two West Midlands independent record labels Birmingham Nihilism + Iapetus Recordings- with a post Supersonic  give aways .

you can expect to here some of the following + loads of other
random shit:
Black Sabbath, Melvins, Lungfish, Zeni Geva, Shellac, Fugazi,
Lightning Bolt, Khanate, Sunn 0))), v/vm, The Bug, Slayer, Merzbow,
Iron Monkey, Eyehategod, Don Caballero, Melt Banana, Oxbow, Noxagt,
Indian Summer, Universal Order of Armageddon, Danzig, Palace, Mule,
Circle, Cavity, PCM, Shitmat, Venetian Snares, Jesu, Isis,
Soundmurderer, Calvados Beam Trio, Mistress, Modified Toy
Orchestra, Formation Flight, Knives, Mike In Mono, Black Galaxy,
Tunng, MIA, Bonnie Tyler and so much more…

Only £2 or free with cakes you can share.

To find out more about
Birmingham Nihilism
Iapetus Recordings