Kids Gigs: Stitch-A-Synth Workshop

Sun 20th February 2022
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Supersonic Kids Gigs: STITCH-A-SYNTH WORKSHOP  

Sunday 20 February 2022, 11-1pm at Symphony Hall, Birmingham

For girls aged 8-13 // limited places available 

£5.00 per child, must be accompanied by a guardian 

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In this 2-hour workshop hosted by Supersonic Festival’s Kids Gigs, we will craft with electronic textiles to make an electronic musical instrument, played from DIY canvas banners – so you’ll learn how to stitch your own synth! 


Each instrument will be unique to its maker, handcrafted in e-textiles, through a process of embroidery and appliqué. We’ll explore ways of making music with our new DIY synthesisers, which you can then take home to hang on your wall, alongside your favourite artwork and posters! 


Supersonic Kids Gigs, are designed for families as a way of introducing young people to experimental music. Created for girls to nourish future creators. No prior knowledge or skills are required.


This workshop will be led by Sam Topley, a sound artist and educator from Leicester (England, UK). She works with textiles to create handmade electronic musical instruments and interactive sound art work, including giant pompom musical instruments, knitted or ‘yarnbombed’ loudspeakers, and ‘craftivist’ musical instruments with e-textile interfaces.