Kids Gig: Brian Duffy [Modified Toy Orchestra]

Sat 14th May 2022
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Supersonic Kids Gigs present…
BRIAN DUFFY [Modified Toy Orchestra]
hosted by Anna Palmer


Symphony Hall, Birmingham
Saturday 14 May 2022, 11am – 12.30pm

Tickets £8 per person. Under 2’s go free.
All children must be accompanied by a guardian.
Recommended for children under 10.



Created by the UK’s premiere experimental music festival, Supersonic Kids Gigs are designed for families as a way of introducing children to experimental music – BIG sounds for little people!   


We’re excited to host Birmingham’s self-confessed analog synth nerd, Brian Duffy, for our first live Kids Gig show at B:Music’s new performance space. As the founder of Modified Toy Orchestra, families will witness this sonic inventor warp second-hand car boot toys into wildly imaginative musical instruments. This show will be hosted by everyone’s favourite alt-rocker and pyscho-storyteller, Anna Palmer from Dorcha


“Barbie originally sang ‘I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world’ and rolled around the floor. She was broken, I bought her for 20p, and I realised I could change the pitch of the song, to be so fast it goes by in a second, or so low it’ll take 15 minutes of very low subsonic rumbling.”Brian Duffy


An award-winning composer who ventures the realms of live performance, installations and instrument making, Brian Duffy began by sampling sounds from toys to use in his electronic music, but after disassembling a Speak & Spell he realised he could actually modify them to produce new sounds instead – turning the toys themselves into instruments! He began roaming car boot sales and skips in search of more electronic toys to modify and use in performances. This led the formation of Modfied Toy Orchestra, an ensemble performing with instruments that Brian invented. The end result sounds like something between europop and scribbled techno – cheesy and cartoonish, but ultimately joyous to behold!



Get a copy of Anna Palmer’s Supersonic Kids Gig album here.

“Anna is wonderful with the kids. The children clearly adore her” – Fighting Boredom review