Kid606 + Knifehandchop

Sat 8th May 2004
Factory Club

Kid 606
Irritant + Jade One

Live performance from one of the most respected figures in modern electronic music bringing you ragga-junglist anthems, with thunderous beats and booming basslines joined by extreme boy mentalist supreme from Canada to mash up the party. Redefining proto-gabba and hardcore still further by combining helium voices and 180 bpms + two emergent artists from Birminghams

It has become increasingly difficult over the last few years to imagine the electronic music landscape without having to make room for Miguel Depedro, a.k.a. kid606. Only twenty-four years old, he has already released three full-length studio albums, several radically divergent remix albums, a handful of split albums, countless singles, as well as making a number of compilation appearances and being approached for remixes on a regular basis.

From his now legendary reworking of N.W.A.’s Straight Outta Compton (V/VM/Tigerbeat6) to his foray into minimal techno with P.S. I Love You (Mille Plateaux), through to his highly praised mash-up full-length, The Action Packed Mentallist Brings You the Fucking Jams (Violent Turd), the kid has consistently sabotaged categorization of his work by remaining true to its core; his violence is against sound, against the sounds of comfort, against the sounds listeners expect.

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Knifehandchop is Billy Pollard, a 22-year-old culture junkie musician from
Toronto who has been producing devastating electronic dancefloor anthems for the last 4 years on the seminal Irritant and Tigerbeat6 labels.”Rockstopper” serves as a both showcase of what Knifehandchop has done so far, and a definitive statement of what is capable of; headed as it is into totally new musical directions. The tracks vary from the most mental mind-blowing gabber to laidback hiphop to sentimental vocal electro to dancehall riddims.

Fucking Hard Techno is an independent audio research / multimedia arts organisation based in Birmingham, created to act as a platform to promote the range of work they produce as a collective. It represents a community of art terrorists intent on assualting all medium. The art reflects their need to experiment, to innovate through the destruction of preconceived convention and opinion to create something new.