kid commando + noise noise allore! + the arm

Fri 28th January 2005
Jug Of Ale

KID COMMANDO (sweden – tigerbeat6)

KID COMMANDO hammer out on short pieces of total-noise-punk-attack. They are Sweden’s most frantic noise kids and give an experience of intense chaotic rock’n’roll that sounds like ‘The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion’ on acid. A lot of acid… Power Violence meets R&B

Two guitarists and one drummer, the members of Kid Commando seem to be in constant battle with the instruments they play. Every note a painful struggle. Every drum fill, next to impossible. Art damaged sandpaper rhythms cut jagged grooves into normalcy. They call it” new funk”. Kid Commando hail from Gothenburg, Sweden. This year they released “Holy Kid Commando” on Ache Records, an album chock full of awesome, churning, battle-scarred drone chords and propulsive drumming funking every song through from false start to chaotic finish. In 2002 Kid Commando toured the UK with the now-defunkt Arab on Radar (who went on to spawn the Chinese Stars). The band are currently working on an album for Kid606’s label, Tigerbeat6, to be released in April 2005.



Noise Noise Alore – members of Calvados Beam Trio, Deadsunrising and Solway Fifth show their fruitier side with an awesome yet somehow very wrong live show. Prepare yourselves for small pants and high socks.
The Arm…West Midlands based trio who merge awkward, mathcore riffs with melody and subtle electronica.