June of 44

This is an archive item from Supersonic 2022

June of 44 formed in the fall of 1994. They are a super-group collective with a rich underground lineage of members from beloved bands - Rodan, Lungfish, Codeine, Rex, Hoover and Shipping News. 


Truly a who’s who of the indie world, together they have often been referred to as the punk rock pirates of the math rock world. The band are cited for their artistic hand-crafted record packaging for music that ranges from experimental jazz to ambient dub to angular post punk.  




A statement from the band…


It will have been 23 years since performing in the United Kingdom… so much life, too many wars, so much music, a few extraordinary babies, heart-breaking loss, real struggle, epic success, total failure – for all of us. 


We’d been asked a few times throughout this very long period to reconvene for a short tour or special event in England, at no moment did it ever seem quite possible until Supersonic expressed interest in us for their 2020 edition. At the time, we had little knowledge of the festival – upon scratching the surface, it felt like the ideal place for us to reimmerge in the UK. There is an honest, gritty, hard-working, direct carefulness with the way it seems Supersonic has been built and continues to develop – in both its curation as well as its organization. The approach resonates with us, it’s attractive and runs adjacent to the way June of 44 digs to construct itself.  


Additionally, we’d be remiss to not at the very least mention what an honour it will be to perform in the birthplace of such incomparable, deep inspirations as Black Sabbath, John Bonham… from Broadcast to Steel Pulse, so much extraordinary music has bloomed out of beautiful Birmingham. 


Much respect, admiration, and gratitude. 

Thank you for having us.”