Josephine Foster and the Victor Herrero band

Wed 29th September 2010
Hare and Hounds
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Swordfish - Temple Street, Birmingham

Polar Bear - York Road, Kings Heath

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Josephine Foster


One of the most enigmatic, luminious  and enlightening American singers of her time sings Federico Garcia Lorca’s popular folk song collection “Las Canciones Populares Espanolas” with guitarist Victor Herroro and live band.


‘Anda Jaleo’ the recordings of these songs will be released in September by Fire Records. Live the band want to play suitable acoustic spaces. Josephine sings, dances a bit and play castanets with the band whom she describes as “a like a Andalusian jug band playing very energetic and animated music”. Taking their cue from Lorca and La Argentinita’s infectious 1931 recording of the songs, Josephine Foster and her partner Spanish musician Victor Herrero have arranged the poetically rich collection for their new acoustic band, formed while living in the Grenadine Sierra.  Anda Jaleo is the band’s live recording of “Las Canciones”; a visceral celebration of the persistance of popular anonymous song.



Swallows is Sian Macfarlane, hailing from the weirdest core of the Midlands and intent on harnessing the hum of the trees and the rattle of electric pylons. She uses samples creeping alongside a heady mix of harmonium, mandolin, and keyboards, weaving simple spells with folk elements and abstract instrumentation, often accompanied by some extra dissonance and her ghostly vocal.