Tue 19th April 2005
Medicine Bar

Jesu (ex Godflesh)
+ Guests

ISIS – This is an amazing heavy music masterpiece. It’s the kind of hard rock that seems straightforward enough at first listen – heavy riffs, window-rattling rhythms and guttural, forceful vocals. Upon closer inspection, however, much more about the music of Isis becomes clear; this is deep dark stuff that must be delved into without reservation before its intricate details are revealed. Aside from “Maritime” – which is mostly an open, airy and decidedly not heavy little ditty – the majority of Oceanic is hard, loud and even brutal. But subtlety and nuance are concepts that this band is obviously familiar with. For every passage of bone-crushing metal-esque rock, there is a powerful underpinning line of sonic harmony, something that takes the rough edge off the rugged sound and provides a steadfast but flexible accent that polishes the sound without making it slick. – Max Sidman

Drawing comparisons to Neurosis and Godflesh, but unique in its own right, ISIS is a visual and sonic experience of sludgy metal, noise, electronics, and ambience that must be heard to understand.