Ideal skate 10th Birthday party, Lodown magazine exhibition

Fri 28th September 2001
Factory Club

capsule vs stati’k:
 2 rooms with
 live performances by
bola (skam records) + gescom (members of autechre)
floach + papa november
lodown magazine exhibition launch (berlin)
ideal 10th birthday > skate ramp + gambling
wax fondling: mr.ben + dj log + satori + jeff spicoli + capsule
 + for your pleasure inflatable sumo wrestlers

discover the blueprint of a specific subculture, who have set their focus on playing with and sampling urban mechanisms and transforming them to their own art of expression, deeply rooted in american pop art, electronic music, skateboarding, or whatever. enjoy more than exploit.< marok 2000 a selection of material from Schizophrenic, the second book by berlin based magazine Lodown, featuring new work from marok commissioned by capsule
28th september – 28th October exhibition curated by capsule

sponsored by Carhartt , west midlands arts, medicine bar

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Manchester’s Bola is Darrell Fitton, whose 1995 debut 12-inch for Skam under that name helped shoot the now-collectible label to underground notoriety. His self-titled Skam EP combined vaguely funk-fueled rhythms with harsh, austere synth textures and almost industrial-grade distortion.Soup, Fitton’s LP debut is an impressive synthesis of the machine-beat ambiance of post-techno with warm, wistful analog soul.
Text taken from Sean Cooper, All Music Guide

Gescom, the more dancefloor-friendly identity of Sean Booth and Rob Brown, focuses on the more uptempo tendencies of Autechre paired with a harder, rougher, more driving rhythmic edge, Gescom material remains committed to the more adventurous side of electro/techno even as it gives DJs a bit more backbeat to work with. Text taken from Sean Cooper, All Music Guide

to find out more about gescom and bola check out the skam website