Hospital Festival Brighton

Thu 7th November 2002

Friday 8th :
Electro punk rock disco
feat. Mike in Mono + Floach
+ Capsule Girls dj set

Saturday 9th
Panel discussion feat.
Lisa Meyer (capsule)
 William Bennett (Whitehouse)
 Julian Weaver
Jack Sargeant (Chair)

followed by a night hosted by Fatcat records

Sunday 10th
warp records night with Mira calix + brothomStates
warp films/djs

a sonic treat which include: Warp records night: Brothomstates (live) Mira Calix, Warp Djs + film screenings, Fat cat records night, capsule girls djs, mike in mono, floach, dr.lies.

(sound events co-ordinated by Lisa Meyer – capsule)

Electro punk rock disco
Friday 8th November
Venue: Hanbury Arms Ballroom
Time/Cost 10pm – 2pm £5

with live sets from: Mike In Mono – aka Mike Johnston, better known as member of Birmingham’s kitsch electronica trio Plone. His ever growing fondness for ‘spoken word’ is now a relished element in the mike-in-mono show. Mike’s tongue in cheek style of music combines with a reduced use of equipment, applying maths and music theory to make something best descibed as event-crammed music. Floach – musical archaeologist. This special brand of vintage lo fi electronica, like Indiana Jones, keeps a level head but occasionally it has to cut its own wretched path.

Both have releases out on:

dj sets from capsule girls + dr. lies visuals by Careless Talk Costs Lives rockin’ weirdness, metal mayhem, guitar abusing, electronic oddities and who knows what else?

Saturday 9th November
Panel Discussion
The dismantling of the arts hierarchy. Has sound and music culture yet to carve a niche in the traditional arts canon which might be typified by spaces like museums, galleries and even cinemas? Indeed is there still such a thing as an arts hierarchy? If so who does it serve and who does it exclude? If ‘music’ is one of Britain’s biggest creative economy exports, where’s the support for up-and-coming music and sound artists?

Ruth Jarman (Semiconductor), Lisa Meyer (Capsule), William Bennett (Whitehouse), Julian Weaver, Jack