Experimental rock band Horse Lords boast a meticulous sound centred in controlled minimalism, occasionally giving way to bold, playful expressionistic streaks. 


From Baltimore USA, now based in Germany, it makes sense that their relentlessly repetitive instrumentals owe an obvious debt to the West German art-rock bands of the 1970s, whilst leaning into formalized systems and brute functionality that govern all sorts of 20th century-German art. Horse Lords, whose music is filled with joyous and hypnotic grooves, shift from one polyrhythm to another, where the spidery twangs of guitar pulse alongside subby bass and a churning keyboard squelch, topped with saxophone and locked-in by percussion to create an irresistibly move-inducing show.  


“For all of the cacophony, odd tunings, and unusually chosen paths, the way that the band gets into such an airtight groove is a pure joy to hear.”
Pop Matters