Hen Ogledd from The Star & Shadow (Broadcast)

Thu 28th December 2023


Join us Thursday 28th December as Hen Ogledd grace our screens with their playfully unyielding, wonky-pop sounds. A festive broadcast of a joyous live performance from The Star & Shadow in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, filmed during the lockdown of 2020.


This broadcast aims to raise essential funds Medical Aid for Palestine. If you are viewing, we ask if you would consider please making a donation via https://www.map.org.uk/


During this festive period, Team Supersonic wish to share another dose of Hen Ogledd’s soul-nourishing sonics before the end of 2023. It’s our final show of the year, so get cosy on your sofa and soak in the sounds of four curious minds, knowing you’re sharing a moment with our fellow Supersonic dwellers across the universe!


For this special online broadcast, Hen Ogledd are performing live incarnations from their album Free Humans; a psychedelic voyage, that ebbs & flows between outer-space, lochs, toxic gas-emitting bogs and celestial plains.