This is an archive item from Supersonic 2019


Based in the Shropshire Hills, the core of Haress consists of guitar duo David Hand and Elizabeth Still. The pair have also previously organised the amazing Sineater Festivaland run a DIY record label, Lancashire & Somerset.

Their conversational performance style exists via a kind of unspoken telepathy – it’s almost impossible to discern which player is responsible for which sound amid the warm enveloping hum of valve amps.

Haress bring to Supersonic an expansion of their duo, including additional drums from David Smyth (Kling Klang, Mind Mountain), guitar and Echoplex from Chris Summerlin (Kogumaza, Grey Hairs, Hey Colossus), vocals from Thomas House (Sweet Williams, Charlottefield) and trumpet from Nathan Bell (Lungfish, Human Bell).

Expect intertwining dark and repetitive electric guitar figures that create a hypnotic, mantra-like state.