GROVE Presents Taliable x Toya Delazy

Supersonic 2024

After a stunningly brutal set in 2022, we’re very happy to invite Grove back to Supersonic, this time presenting their new collaborative project alongside Toya Delazy and TaliaBle. 


Producer/vocalist Grove contorts dancehall, bass and hip-hop into a brand new beast, spurred by sensual liberation and political defiance. Inspired by the DIY nature and ethos of punk, the catharsis of dance music & the power of Jamaican soundsystem culture, Grove feeds you food for thought at the dance and enough energy to turn thought into action.  


“Toya Delazy and TaliaBle are two of the most incendiary, powerful and badass live performers I’ve ever seen, so to host them head to head for a soundclash at Supersonic is a dream. Both are pioneers in fusing genres, with Toya’s statement “afrorave” combining their Zulu roots with heavy rave music, to TaliaBle’s punk-drenched hip-hop setting rooms into a frenzy. 
If my past experiences with these two is anything to go by, this SOUNDCLASH is going to be heavy, energetic and WILD. I feel Supersonic Festival is the perfect place for this big, bad extravaganza. It’s one of the UK’s best melting pots of sonic wizardry, with the best audience to match.” – Grove