Grails + Windscale + Mothertrucker

Wed 12th May 2010
Hare and Hounds
Swordfish - Temple Street, Birmingham

Polar Bear - York Road, Kings Heath

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Grails is evocative, sinuous and unpredictable – like all great music should be. So, it stands to reason that nearly everything written about the instrumental band’s music expounds on how much it reminds listeners of particular experiences, sights, moods or dreams. People react emotionally to the Portland, Oregon quintet’s powerfully evocative songs because they compel us to fill the gap between music and language. To quote one 20th Century sage, ‘instrumental music is Total Music’ There’s no voice to quaintly tell us how we should feel, only the emotive musical force moving us to understand and empathize.


Windscale was formed in 2005 as the musical arm of the Birmingham based Circuit Bending company “Happy Robot”, and Guitar Effect Pedal company “Ghost” which are both run by Ian Sherwen. Needing some way of showcasing Ian’s handmade devices in a musical recording and performance context, Windscale seemed an ideal solution. Bassist Neil McAuley (Seeland) joined in 2006, leading to the recording of 2 albums – “Schwarzes Ei” in 2007, and “Conflicts in Time” in 2008.
In 2009 drummer Neil Spragg (Omnia Opera/Sand) joined making the band a 3 piece further emphasising the influence of Neu and Galaxie 500 on their sound.


Mothertrucker have been combining the riff power of Sabbath and Kyuss, the quiet menace of Slint and Mogwai and the epic ambience of Isis and Pelican to create a powerful rock onslaught since 2003 and are still rolling. The band have released a number of records in that time, including the album Trebuchet released by Argghh records in France, and have shared the stage with the likes of Boris, Mono, 27, Jesu, Aereogramme and Truckfighters.