Godspeed You! Black Emperor SOLD OUT

Sat 17th September 2022

Supersonic Festival are proud to present Godspeed You! Black Emperor live at the HMV Empire in Coventry, rescheduled for 17 Sept 2022.




Doors: 18:30

Support: 19:30

GY!BE: 20:30 – 22:30

No re-entry at the venue.

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It is an honour for us to once again play host to Godspeed’s legendary live performances; a harnessing of raw sonic power, spittle and grit amongst the backdrop of 16mm analog film projections.

Since 1997, the Canadian collective have been pulling at the threads of late capitalism. A quarter of a century later, they continue crafting their cinematic instrumentals to conjure a world on the very brink of apocalypse – a soundtrack for our times. Between searing melodies that ricochet and converge amidst violin and bassline counterpoint, their noise-drenched, widescreen, post-rock sound is an all encompassing live experience. Expect field recordings and semi-improvised passages that frame the fervent epics they forge.

Godspeed will be performing music from their new album ‘G_d’s Pee AT STATE’s END’ – a release that has bottled our turbulent moment in history with both noise and beauty.


“A tumultuous record for tumultuous times … Godspeed’s new album articulates dark times, but it also presents the countermovement with breathtaking power.”


Resisting social media and releasing just two grainy press shots in a quarter of a century, Godspeed remain wary of the mainstream. Few rock bands have been as steadfast in letting the work speak for itself and maintaining a simple rule about non-participation in modern cultures of personality, celebrity and commodification.