Giant Exhibition

Fri 4th August 2000
Factory Club

Exhibition of work by Shepard Fairey

What started out in 1989 as a sticker campaign targeting a college campus in Rhode Island, to create a pseudo skate posse has over ten years expanded into the worldwide phenomenon that is ‘the Andre the Giant sticker campaign’.
Legendary wrestler Andre Renee Rousimoff (Andre the Giant) who suffered with the rare disease ‘acromegaly’ or ‘giant syndrome’ is the source of Shepard Faireys work. For eleven years Shepard has played with society’s worship of corporate icons, logos or anything else aimed to steer you in a preconceived direction. Shepard Fairey describes his sticker campaign as an experiment in phenomenology

“The process of letting things manifest themselves” Faireys stickers strive to

“reawaken a sense of wonder about ones environment”in a world saturated by visual information through advertising, Giant offers us an image without any obvious product to promote, causing the public to speculate its meaning and the purpose of its existence.

Exhibited throughout America and at the Chamber of Pop Culture in London and most recently in Tokyo. Shapard Fairey sends a selection of his work to display at Capsule. Unique silk screen prints will be exhibited alongside prints most commonly seen billboarded on the streets of American cities. Look out for an increase in Giant visibility throughout the UK in the weeks leading up to the show.

You can find out more about Giant from:

Capsule would like to take the opportunity to thank our sponsors of the Giant show.
Level magazine have featured an article on Fairey in their August edition and will be providing free copies for the opening night.