Sat 4th October 2003
The Theatre - Custard Factory

MUZIQ (planet mu/rephlex)
the CHURCH of GARY BUSEY (experimental seafood records)
K-FORMATION (experimental seafood records)
FROG POCKET (mouthmoth Records/Planet Mu records)

Dj sets from AUTOMATON (chaoticcity/earko)
LOOPZ (the Brum creative/Ê
DEXTACY (the Brum creative)

Aaron Funk (aka Venetian Snares) hails from Winnipeg in Canada. Since his debut 12″ in 1999 on a small Minneapolis label he has risen out of the drill’n’bass/breakcore mire to become one of the most astonishing (and popular) musicians working in the experimental electronic sphere (alongside Squarepusher, Aphex Twin and boards Of Canad). Each new album from Aaron brings with it a new sound, a new atmosphere, a whole new world – he never repeats what’s gone before. It could be described as a mutant post-punk ragga-jungle pop music for an alternative reality. Aaron just calls his music surrealism.

“Venetian Snares is to Music what Satan is to Christianity: a profoundly malevolent force who looks great, intimidates a lot of boring people and is, despite everything, insanely popular… It’s like experiencing The Empire Strikes Back on 3D IMAX on LSD…” Piers Martin – NME


http://www.planet-mu.com – for further info on Mike Paradinos/Venetian Snares/Frog Pocket
http://www.experimentalseafood.com/ – For further info on artists on Experimental Seafood Records