Sat 12th April 2008
Hare and Hounds

Swordfish - Bham City Centre
 Polar Bear - Kings Heath

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Chris Corsano – a kinetic DIY drummer [one of the world’s most exciting – currently BJORKS’ drummer] – uses this project to inject some punk tabla-type rolls into being while Mike Flower – an incendiary guitar player – also plays the “shaahi baaja” or “japan banjo” from India in an amazing solo style and transcendent manner.

As a powerful and loud guitar/drum duo, Lightning Bolt comparisons come cheap, but the Flower-Corsano Duo are something else; more like a punk-jazz-trash Konono No1, they have that special power to elevate through noise, rhythm and special harmonies. This is an experience the audience wants to have, an exhilarating sight/sound that shudders the body and cleanses the mind.

Michael Flower is best known as a member of Leed’s Vibracathedral Orchestra, a lynchpin of the improvising rock/noise/drone world. He has also has played with legendary artists such as Tony Conrad and Jandek as well as in projects such as the trio with Matthew Bower + C. Spencer Yeh.
Vibracathedral’s close relationship with Sunburned Hand Of The Man has meant MF has toured with them across the USA and Europe, both as a member and solo.