Electric Wizard + Warhorse + Mistress

Tue 21st May 2002
Flapper and Firkin

Electric Wizard

The last two years have been revoultionary for Ultra-Heavy Rock and Doom Metal. Massive attention is being given to the genre and some incredible albums have been released. Doom Godfather Wino (The Obsessed) brought us Spirit Caravan and guitar God Matt Pike (Sleep) gave us High On Fire. Eyehategod reformed, continuing their sickness and Electric Wizard pummeled us with low-end destruction. Well, it’s time to clear soom room in your Doom section next to the above mentioned classics. THE HEAVIEST ALBUM OF THE MILLENIUM HAS ARRIVED.

Destructive, brutal, black, death, doom sufficiently sums up the massive WarHorse sound. We’re talking riffs sooooo heavy, bass sooooo low, drums sooooo massive, you get the feeling of being beaten slowly with a wet mattress. However, WarHorse is definitely not a one trick pony (pun intended). They have contraasted this massive heaviness with a unique use of dynamics. One minute you’re drawn into a trance-like state with soft, dark, quiet passages. The next you’re violently struck by enormously bombastic dirge riffs. This extreme use of dynamics (read:loud/quiet) and dark atmospher even brings to mind the work of Slint or Pink Floyd. Call them the Slint of Sabbath. This technique is what sets apart WarHorse from the thousand of pretenders to the throne. Not only will this appeal to the doom/stoner rock crowd but the extreme heaviness and sinister vibe is being praised by death metal fans as well. A truly classic debut album that will be talked about and praised for a long time to come!

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Fans of sludge-heavy riffing doom need no introduction to Electric Wizard. They’re all about Sabbath, H.P. Lovecraft, murder, and copious amounts of weed.
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