Down The Rabbit Hole…

Sun 10th November 2013
Library of Birmingham
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Let us take you on a meandering journey through the senses where you taste, see, touch and hear the words. Companis invites you to dive into the world of books and immerse yourself wholly in the realms they create in an elaborate five course sensory mobile meal. Using the new architecture of the Library of Birmingham, you will be subject to readings, sensory deprivation and enlightenment.
Feel uplifted and moved by evocative passages whilst consuming exquisite and delectable morsels inspired by the text. Companis asks that you trust them implicitly, and place your senses and yourselves at their mercy. The Library is a place to gain knowledge, and they shall lead you to the path of wisdom via sensorial exultation!
Companis, meaning to ‘break bread with someone’ is a very tongue-in-cheek creative trio. They delight in the absurd and the naughty, weaving this into their work of bespoke and humorous dining experiences which thoroughly chew and spit out the norms associated with eating, immersing the diner in a fusion of performance, food and spectacle.