Sun 10th July 2022
This is an archive item from Supersonic 2022

Sunday 10 July 2022, 11.40am-12.40pm
Centrala, Digbeth
Tickets £10.00 (open to general public & SS22 ticket holders)
DO.OMYOGA and NYX: Electronic Drone Choir are coming together for an unmissable event at Supersonic 2022. This is a Sound Ceremony, where we invite our audience to practice Yoga, accompanied by the immersive vocal sounds of NYX & their Supersonic Choir.


A deep listening and meditation practice. Expect very simple physical movements to help release superficial tension to allow you to sit or lie comfortably and to open up the body to better receive the sound.


In this very special collaboration and sound ceremony, Do.omyoga with NYX live, expect to be surrounded in revolving vibration into spherical consciousness through the power of drone and an angelic cacophony of the female voice. Based on the principles of the Tibetan singing bowl, the circle and bowl are full of primal symbolism and represent the divine female principal, the great mother, the holy grail, female wisdom and intuition, where the seed of life in the darkness grows. When the bowl is struck with the masculine wand bringing the female bowl to life as it begins to resonate we have a unification of energy. This is an act of creation, androgynous vibration that goes on resonating, sound and silence.


IN THE CENTRE OF THE CIRCLE SOUND IS BORN. Return to the source of creation SOUND. The only place that you ARE. Where everything and nothing exist in harmony, form into the formless into form.


Do.omyoga is the bringing together of music and movement with stillness to create an immersive meditation. A journey and exploration of the self through sound. Led & founded by Kamellia Sara, an Artist born of Egyptian and Irish nationality and descent, who emerged into this world to facilitate, spread and render practical the powerful energy of her lineage’s Magick and Alchemy.


NYX is a collaborative drone choir and otherworldly electric chorus, re-embodying live electronics and extended vocal techniques. They look to reshape the role of the traditional female choir, testing the limits of organic and synthetic modulation to explore the entire spectrum of collective voice as an instrument. Having collaborated with Gazelle Twin on album ‘Deep England’, NYX has quickly established itself as a popular music-led interdisciplinary experience.



All levels are welcome, especially beginners. 

Wear comfortable clothing. Mats are provided. All welcome, this is a meditation practice which will be predominantly floor based. A few asanas accessible to all will open up the body to begin the ceremony to allow the body to be more comfortably in seated posture and savasana.

Please contact [email protected] at least 48 hours prior to session if you have any special conditions or are pregnant. 


**Please note that this event is only accessible via stairs.**

For any accessibility requirements please contact [email protected]