Yoga with Agathe Max & The Seer

This is an archive item from Supersonic 2023

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With live sound from Agathe Max and The Seer
Sunday 3rd September
Eastside Projects | 86 Heath Mill Ln B9 4AR
12:30 – 13:30
Additional ticket needed £10


Do.omyoga is returning to Supersonic Festival with a new Nada Yoga ceremony. Be guided on a deeply relaxing journey through meditation, breathing exercise and light movement to release superficial tension. Accompanied by a sound experience of chant and mantra joined live by The Seer and Agathe Max.


The revolution begins when you look at yourself in the mirror. If we are to bring balance to the world we must first find balance within. When you practice pratyahara, going inward and inversion of the senses this leads to a calm state of being where you can begin to experience meditation, that is pure awareness. It is here that can hear your own sound vibration. Anahata Nada. Nada is the body of vibrations, waves, frequencies and harmonies within everything that exists and you are not separate from. Nothing rests, everything moves, everything is vibrating. Energy. Sound is the essence of all energy and vibration creates sympathetic resonance.


In nada yoga the mind becomes absorbed in external sound leading to pure consciousness and experience of our essential being, pure unbounded potential. Gather with Do.omyoga in this sound ceremony based on her body of work ‘ meditate and destroy ( Illusion ) ‘ where meditation is the first agent of change and true activism through resonance with sound and music. Our connection to the drone runs deep. From the rushing of maternal blood heard in the womb to primitive instruments and sacred chants right up to today’s, ambient, electronic, drone and doom music. Surrender in sound and silence and enter true empowerment, self-realisation.

Union. Freedom. Om


All welcome | No experience needed | Wear comfortable clothing | Mats provided

Please email [email protected] ahead of the session if you are pregnant or have any special conditions Kamellia should be aware of.