DJ Bus Replacement Service

This is an archive item from Supersonic 2023

DJ Bus Replacement Service provides a head-spinning rush of anything-goes bangers performed in clubs & festivals around the world. 

Starting out in 2009 with podcasts sharing her outsider music collection onto the unsuspecting public, which led to DJing. Currently the co-host of Marital Aid with Surgeon, she uses techno to form the base layer of her sets, wasting no time criss-crossing Asian hip-hop, yodelling, donk, gqom, spoken word, and other lesser-known and underappreciated genres. What should have no logical intersection whatsoever on the dancefloor, somehow brings dancers all over the world to rapture in delight and “eureka!” moments.

“DJ Bus Replacement Service will seemingly play anything as long as it’s déclassé enough…and, yes, you can dance to it.” The New Yorker