Supersonic 2024

Daisy Rickman is a self-taught multidisciplinary Artist and Musician from Mousehole, Cornwall. 


Rickman, known for both her captivating music and striking paintings has recently released her latest album, “Howl”, which reflects her deep connection to the landscapes of Cornwall, blending influences from folk pioneers like Vashti Bunyan & Nick Drake with the droning psychedelia of bands like The Brian Jonestown Massacre. In her live performances, Rickman’s hypnotic low vocals and masterful instrumentation transport audiences to a sun-soaked realm of sound, where mystical and earthy melodies intertwine. With her profound lyrics and evocative storytelling, she creates an immersive experience that celebrates the interconnectedness of nature and the human spirit. 


“Reminiscent of those long lost folk gigs of the 1960s, Rickman and her band put together a mesmerising performance. Truly, it was the kind of performance that her cult-like following will hold dearly in their memories for years to come.” – Hard Of Hearing Magazine