Wed 30th April 2008
Factory Club

Swordfish - Bham City Centre
 Polar Bear - Kings Heath

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Cursed formed amid a harsh Canadian winter somewhere ‘twixt 2001/2002. Armed with an arsenal of vintage amplitude and the know-how to use it to inflict maximum auditory trauma, Cursed has been giving the most seasoned soundmen grey hairs and ruining young men and women for several years now already. Cities left in ruins, honor-roll students implicated in violent stage-dives, permanent hearing damage, teen-age disobedience to all levels of authority. All these horrors and much, much worse – all true.


Finally, after a couple of years of pleading from Holy Roar, this country has produced a band that can stand toe-to-toe with Breather Resist, Coliseum and many of the bands on Black Market Activities. Think the energy of Converge and early Breather Resist married to the RIFF POWER of Curl Up And Die, Coliseum and Doomriders. We hope that Throats help bring an end to all the shit metal this country is producing.



Crimewave are inspired by early 80’s Boston Hardcore, SST Records, John Waters movies, Repo Man and late night karaoke bars, Crimewave play fast, thrashy and loud punk rock.