Tue 10th April 2007
King Edward Formerly Chapter 11/Ben Johnson

from a blizzard of horned cats, Crippled Black Phoenix bring you a
twisted cinematic experience, handcrafted by a mercenary crew of
underground heavyweights, giving depth and gravity to regal songs about
love, loss, tragedies and redemption.

Back in the summer of
2004, Electric Wizard drummer Justin Greaves (also of Iron Monkey,
Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine) started recordings songs and
soundscapes he’d had in his head for several years onto minidiscs,
looping them through an old stereo to achieve the multi-layers, these
were the bones of what would eventually become the international outfit
that is CBP. The songs that marked that moment in time would take on a
new strength, initially aided by good friend (and Mogwai bassist)
Dominic Aitchison. Other great compadres followed, Panthiest members
Andy Semmens and Kostas Panagiotou, Nial McGaughey of 3D House of Beef
and -(16)- amongst others and solo folk singer-songwriter Joe Volk, who
also fronts heavy rock band Gonga, all stepped up to bring a variety of
influences and skills to complete the line-up.

Bringing us up to
date in 2006, CBP enter SOA Studio (Portishead, Gonga, The Heads etc..)
in Bristol, UK, to record the debut full-length album “A Love of Shared
Disasters”, a collection of self-penned “Endtime Ballads”. During this,
one of the hottest summers on record, the old friends aligned and the
fully realized visions that had been pestering Greaves for the past few
years were finally given life. The album, the first of a trilogy, deals
with in the timelesness of honesty and tragedies laid bare, featuring
sordid tales from the pages of literary history combined with personal
stories of contemporary loss and love. Musically, the songs are driven
by a need to stretch out and do something timeless and different from
the band-members previous musical ventures but at the same time
carrying over a little of their collective influences. This is about
pushing personal musical boundries and taking the listener on a journey
of their own. Using a blend of modern amplified and Victorian era
equipment plus an esoteric collection of strange but wonderfull ways of
creating the dark-americana type ambience, the crew of CBP have
lovingly fasioned a soundtrack for the “endtime” that has the impact of
a Marshall stack, but with the timeless voice of classic instruments.

Love of Shared Disasters” is to see it’s release through Invada Records
(owned and run by Geoff Barrow of Portishead) and will see the band
enter into the live on stage phase, playing shows in selected cities,
bringing the public the melodic-but-twisted carnival that is Crippled
Black Phoenix.

Einstellung. Power, beauty, noise, melody, hypnosis, simplicity. Ex
members of Sally, Godflesh, Grover, Katastrophy Wife, Cable Regime have
fused krautrock, shoegaze and hard rock into a beautiful, hypnotic
noise since October 03.